Professional Melangeur-80kg

The Melangeur 80 kg consists of support frame and tilting module with rotating bowl all made of food grade stainless steel and two millstones and the base each made of a whole piece of high density natural granite.

This specific tilting design facilitates the effective chocolate mass discharge by tilting the bowl via the motor-reducer motion.

The rotation of the bowl is effected via motor-reducer, and the two rolling millstones are pressed against the granite base of the bowl by the two independent pneumatic cylinders. The Melangeur requires connection to compressed air supply.

The bowl rotation speed, the stones pressure and inclination of the turning module are controlled from control panel.

SLIM execution (74cm) allows getting through any standard door.

Power supply (1 or 3-phase)*
440V : 50/60Hz
Product batch weight, kg
80 Kg
Maximum rotation speed at 50/60 Hz, RPM